me, as a viking, giving a talk about RxJS

My hat size is tan(-x) from -π/2 to π/2

Hi! This is my own personal section of the void that I like to scream into. Here's a few of my favorite articles:

Valley Talent

A long time ago (at least it feels like that), I moved out to San Francisco in hopes of meeting real programmers. As it turns out, there's a lot of variety out here. The startup I had (poorly) chosen was full of folks who talked a big game and couldn't back it up. I was crestfallen. To make things worse, I discovered that there's an anti-startup bias in the global tech community, using examples like Yo as 'evidence' that nothing a startup made could be worth anything. Valley Talent came out of these frusterations. It also holds a special place in my heart for being the first thing I wrote to hit the front page of HackerNews without my prodding (thanks, @danluu!)

The Myth of Equity as Motivation

A year of time and several years of experience later, I worked at a slightly bigger startup. The CEO kept telling us just how rich we would be once the company exited for billions of dollars, all while insisting on a minimum of 60-hour weeks. The math didn't add up and so I wrote The Myth of Equity as Motivation. I nearly got fired over it. Lesson learned!

Hacking Calculords

Alright, no more startup angst. This one's just some programming fun. I got nerd-sniped by a mobile game and... y'know what? Go read the article, it's a fun romp: Hacking Calculords